Aspects of the Service

There are many options in the planning of a meaningful and personal commemoration service to remember a loved one. We are here to advise and guide throughout the arrangements.

Music & Hymns

The choice of music or hymns at a funeral can help reflect and suitably commemorate a person’s life, giving a personal touch. Often there are meaningful songs associated with a loved one, and the choice can be traditional or contemporary, light hearted or sometimes even humorous. You may also consider live music, whichever best suits the memory of the person.

We will discuss and advise with regard to your choice of music for the service. Most crematoria will provide an organist and a system upon which you can play the music of your choice. There may be restrictions in some churches with regard to contemporary music and only traditional choices and hymns may be permitted.

Poems, Eulogies and Readings

Funerals often involve personal input from the people in attendance as a way of bringing the memory of the person’s life to the minds of the audience. Friends or relatives may wish to pay tribute in the form of a reading, poem, eulogy or choice of words.

Obituary Notices

An obituary is a traditional way of announcing the news of a death. Typically it will include information about the person’s life and provide details of the funeral, such as the time, date and location. Should you wish, we will assist you in the creation and publication of obituary notices and advise on the content, length and costs involved.

Usually obituary notices will include the following details;

  • The person’s name (usually written surname first)
  • Details of where and when the death occurred
  • Biographical information including the home town, name of any partner or spouse and details of other relatives
  • Details of the funeral arrangements
  • Instruction as to whether sympathy flowers are being accepted and the details of any nominated cause for donations

Funeral Flowers

Flowers are a traditional way of paying tribute to the deceased or sent as an expression of sympathy to family and friends. The choice of funeral flowers can help to create a unique and personalised service by reflecting aspects of the deceased’s personality, hobbies and preferences.  There is a wide variety available from coffin sprays, wreaths and posies to specially shaped arrangements that may take the form of a meaningful item or lettered tribute.

We can help you to choose and order a fitting floral tribute with our trusted suppliers, and can record and collect the messages of sympathy received.

Charitable donations

You may decide to arrange to collect donations at the service. This is often requested in place of sympathy flowers, and collected for a meaningful cause relating to the person’s life, for example a charity they supported or a fund associated with a disease or illness they may have suffered.

Order of Service Sheets

We produce order of service sheets which can be personalised to include an image and information about the person as well as details of the service, for example hymn choices or readings. You may wish to pass copies on to those unable to attend and to retain a copy as a keepsake.