Planning the Service

There are many different options in the organisation of a funeral service that will help to create a personal and fitting commemoration. We cater for religious, non-religious, simple and bespoke spiritual funerals and are here to advise, organise and support you throughout the arrangements and liaise with third parties to ensure that the day runs smoothly.

A simple funeral will include moving the deceased to a chapel of rest, a foil coffin, the opening and closing of a grave or cremation, provision of a hearse to the cemetery or crematorium, the services of an Officiating minister and of the funeral director and staff.

Burial or Cremation

One of the first decisions to be made is whether the funeral will be a burial or cremation. The choice between the two is a very personal one and may depend upon family tradition, religious beliefs and the wishes of the person who has died.  You will also need to decide upon the type of service and where it will be held.


If you decide upon a burial, you will need to purchase a grave or re-open an existing grave where there is already one in existence, for example as part of a family plot.

If possible we will need the deeds relating to any previously purchased grave. We can help you to locate these if they are not in your possession and can check there is space for further burials.

Where there is an existing grave, we can arrange the reopening, and removal of any memorials in place prior to the funeral. You may wish to purchase a new memorial stone or add an inscription to an existing one.


A cremation is the alternative to a burial. You may wish to hold the service at the Crematorium or if you prefer, the service can be held elsewhere, in a church for example, followed by a shorter service (or ‘committal’) at the Crematorium.

There are restrictions with regard to what may be cremated with the person who has died. Some materials, metals for example, are forbidden. We can advise you about arranging for particular items to stay with the person.

You will need to decide upon the final resting place for the ashes. You may wish to keep them in an urn, bury them or scatter them in a meaningful location. You don’t have to make a decision about this straight away.

Do you need help in spreading the cost of a funeral

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Choosing a Coffin or Urn

We supply a wide range of coffins and caskets for burial or cremation, from the most simple to the truly elaborate. From traditional wooden coffins to those with designs and personalisation to wicker and eco friendly variations, we can help you decide upon the most suitable.

We also supply a range of urns in various designs,  sizes and materials to best suit your decision about the final disposition of the ashes. We are on hand to deal with any questions or queries that you may have and help you make the choice.

Coffin Bearers

You may choose friends or relatives to carry the coffin during the service. While this may seem intimidating to those who have not performed the role before, we are on hand to give direction, advise, reassure and prepare.

Alternatively, we will provide bearers should you prefer us to do so.



We provide a choice of transportation to and from the service including limousines and the traditional horse drawn hearse. Transportation on the day will typically be from the family home to the place of the service, and then away from the location afterwards.

We will discuss your thoughts and requirements with you, and advise on availability and costings.